Case Study: KFUPM [Archiving and Backlog Conversion]

About Customer

  • King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, 31261, Saudi Arabia.
  • Industry: Education
  • Needs Expressed: Dispose of paper copies of documents.


  • Benefits Realized:

    • No requirement to keep paper copies of documents
    • Instant access to corporate information
    • Faster response to queries
    • Seamless integration with back-end business systems
    • Print or email copy documents on demand 
    • Audit trails for every document 
    • Secure document storage meets legal and compliance requirements
    • Supply to suit multiple users’ languages within one system


RITSOL (Raqmeyat IT Solution) has many years of experience in migration and backlog processing of paper and electronic documents, and our team has successfully performed this service at many of our customer sites, converting hundreds of millions of documents into images that are indexed and stored on electronic storage for quick retrieval as needed.
RITSOL (Raqmeyat IT Solution) has all the necessary resources to carry out this job at customer premises including trained manpower for document preparation, scanning and data entry, Indexing, Quality Assurance and supervision.
We also can provide hardware such as scanners and Servers as required for delivering a turnkey job.


King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals faced the workload that exceeds the production capacity of the university, often used in construction or manufacturing. On the other hand, companies generally want to avoid having a backlog as it could suggest increasing inefficiency in the production process.


To meet the challenge, We have archived electronic to seven million papers and all these papers divided into five departments:

  • Contracts Management.
  • Student Affairs Administration.
  • Personnel Management.
  • University Registrar Administration.
  • University Council Administration.

We have archived the electronic process in various stages such as indexing, quality control on all the papers that have been withdrawn, and we filmed all the papers in all departments seven million papers

These papers are checked and indexed, each folder has a number to facilitate the search.

we utilized a variety of state-of-the-art scanners and software techniques. The end product includes both high and low resolution images which can now be globally accessed via the web.

The duration of this work was one and a half years.

Backlog Conversion Process:

  • Document Preparation
  • Scanning
  • Reassembly Post imaging
  • Quality Assurance
  • Indexing
  • Image Output