Data Center Preparation

DC Design & Implementation:

RITSOL designers are well-versed in Datacenter Tier Design from Uptime institute USA; and complying TIA942 in designing all types of Datacenter solutions meeting the customer requirements with latest technology and design processes governed by Uptime institute standards. Based on our vast experience in data centre and technical infrastructure design our consultants are ideally suited to assist and advise throughout the design process. We build Datacenter total power load greater than 1 MW capacity RITSOL Solutions provide Turnkey Project solutions with services like sites assessment/survey, planning, design, build, integrate audit, maintenance, and upgrade for the entire datacenter. Availability you prefer: N, N+1, 2N, or 2N+1, with efficiency, density and scalability your business needs. Cooling System design varies from Water cooled, Air cooled by considering the equipment density, environment and budget.

DC Assessment & Recommendations:

RITSOL is having highly qualified and experienced resources for Datacenter assessment and managements. RITSOL‘s comprehensive assessment services will perform site survey and provide insight into the facility power, cooling installed capacities, space layout ,utilization (current loads, available and stranded capacity), level of redundancy, site conditions, risk exposure, and single-point-of failures through a rigorous on-site inspection. RITSOL expert team will baseline the current state of the respective datacenter power and cooling infrastructure then recommend required scope of work to transform the facility to tier level Datacenter meeting growing IT loads.

DC Facility Management:

RITSOL consultants develop Datacenter Facilities Management Programs to complement the TIER Design and Facilities to ensure that the appropriate controls are in place to fully exploit the investment in the infrastructure equipment and reduce human error – the leading cause of datacenter downtime.

Implementation & Testing:

RITSOL have resources to implement all the equipment related to the datacenter Infrastructure with proper testing methods to ensure the required result and efficiency. Preparation of an integrated testing performance specification, to convey requirements and project deliverables for the following critical building systems: UPS, fire alarm, Chiller Plant, Building Automation Systems, and CRAHs. Ensure that all components and systems are properly setup and functioning. Preparation and submission of a formal report including results of all tests performed during Integrated Testing.