Ensan Charity Committee for Orphans Care

Odoo E-commerce Implementation & Customization


1- Integration with website tools to support the e-commerce side of Ensan’s website
2- Integration with their payment processor via Apple pay, Mada, and credit card
3- Integration with SMS for upcoming marketing activities
4- Integration with Social Media platforms

Company Information

  • Ensan is a non-profit organization that supports
    and assists children with various programs and services in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Company size: 250 -500 employees with 21 branches all over Saudi Arabia


Request Online E-commerce that bear the huge flow of donations in Islamic occasions such as Laylat alQadr


1- Received and residual donation amounts from E-commerce were not updated with
point-of-sale amounts, which was creating a sense of incredibility
2- Ensan website couldn’t receive huge traffic, so it may stop working on days such as
the Night of Decree (Laylatul Qadr) when it receives more traffic
3- Word-press didn’t serve highly customized features for donations
4- The website wasn’t integrated with other systems like payment ones


Implementing E-commerce and Point of Sale Odoo modules with the following customizations:

1- Allowing website visitors to donate without creating an account
2- Activating Multi-language, both Arabic and English
3- Allowing website visitors to donate without entering personal data
4- Making the website mobile friendly
5- Creating customized drag & drop building blocks with charity features

Discover the results we achieved

Huge Web Traffic

Ensan’s website now
handles huge numbers of
visitors reaching 24k visitors
a day

Easier Donation

Ensan website became fully customized as an e-commerce platform to be easier for online donation

More Donations

With more traffic and easier
donation, Ensan receives a huge
donation amount reaching 240k
SAR a day

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