automate manufacturing processes with odoo manufacturing apps

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How can Odoo help Saudi companies?


achieve higher productivity with more accurate and organised manufacturing processes

Instead Of Waiting For Annual Or Quarter Budget, get Indirect And Direct Expenses At Any Time

with the flexibility to change the price policy of each product, you don't have to use a unified price policy

Calculate accurately workers' wages and machines cost per hour

Employees can send notifications to the managers easily in case of any manufacturing problems

record the waste amounts of manufacturing processes to use them later in other processes

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sending and delivering goods won't be difficult any more

through one dashboard, track the internal and external goods transportation as well as delivery orders

Integrate Odoo With Any Shipping Company To Request Shipping With One Click

Get real-time updates about inventory before issuing any sales or purchase order

Integrate odoo with any type of bar-code devices such as Bluetooth or WiFi to record units easily

record the waste storage of inventory to track easily all inventory waste cases to take the right decision


Manage some purchase processes with few clicks and automate the rest

Integrate Purchase With Inventory To Send RFQs Automatically When Inventory Lacks The Needed Amounts Of Products​​

check all vendor's quotations through one dashboard to compare Easily between them

check discounts and the availability of needed products in vendors' stock before sending RFQs

get detailed reports about vendors' performance regarding providing discounts, delivery delays, and available amounts

integrate purchase with invoices to convert purchase orders automatically to invoices

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Manage The Whole Accounting Process Across Company's Departments With The Other Apps

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Consultation For IT Solutions Such As Data Centre, Cloud Computing And Cyber-Security

Local Cloud Hosting To Comply With The Saudi Regulations For Cuber-Security

Full Support Till Integrating With The System With ZATCA

Wide Experience In IT Solutions In The Saudi Market In Middle East For More Than 20 Years

Full Customisation For The Apps To Serve Your Company's Industry

Technical Support And Customer Service In Arabic And English

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