Jeraisy Group

E-Mail Migration

Based on Raqmeyat’s experience in a wide range of IT solutions, we had the opportunity to deal with Al-Jeraisy as a service provider and partner

Company Information

  • Customer Information: Al-Jeraisy is a big company comprised of a number of economic entities that are specialized in industrial and commercial fields.

  • Company size: 1,000 – 3,000 employees


Al-Jeraisy needed to migrate Office 365 e-mail from on-premises to the cloud


Raqmeyat migrated Al-Jeraisy mail to Office 365 including:

  1. Setup office 365 tenant
  2. Domain verification in office 365
  3. Initialization Active Directory for Azure Active Directory
  4. SMTP must be with existing email username
  5. Install and configuration Azure AD connect
  6. Sync users to Azure Active Directory
  7. Validate data migration
  8. Create Microsoft Exchange Server connector
  9. Initialization Microsoft Exchange Server for migration
  10. Update and patching the Microsoft Exchange Server
  11. Supply and configuration digital signature certificates for all the users
  12. Training of the users at corporate and all in scope

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