Microsoft Licensing

As a Microsoft partner, Raqmeyat helps you achieve your business goals and respond to Microsoft technologies through a wide range of Microsoft licensing services that cover all your business needs

Meet requirements

Meet your business requirements based on its size and IT needs

Manage Licensing
Manage licensing throughout the life of your agreement through Raqmeyat as a Microsoft gold partner.
Access the latest version
Access the latest versions of cloud and on-premise software.
Raqmeyat providing service level agreement and technical support on Odoo modules if needed
Get continuous support, technical training, and other wide range of benefits with Software Assurance

Enterprise Agreement (EA)

With Enterprise Agreement, companies with 500 seats or above and 250 for public sector customers can buy cloud services and software licenses. It’s a three-year contract, so it’s suitable for organizations looking for a fixed-price licensing for three years and who will not make notable changes in the license number.
Enterprise agreement pricing is based on a scaled volume discount. The more the number of licenses is, the less you’ll pay for each license

Software Assurance

Enterprise Agreement includes Software Assurance that has a wide range of benefits such as

Spread Payments

To reduce initial costs and forecast annual software budget requirements up to three years in advance, You can pay annually, instead of making one up-front payment.

Home Use Program
Increase employee productivity and maximizes the value of your Microsoft Office investment as it allows your employees to use Office desktop programs for work or personal use.
eLearning Courses

Microsoft’s eLearning provides your employees access to individual, on-demand Microsoft software courses. eLearning can be delivered online or offline and includes simulations, hands-on exercises, and learning assessments.

Microsoft Employee Purchase Program
With Microsoft Employee Purchase Program, your employees can get significant discounts on the retail pricing of Microsoft’s most popular productivity and consumer products
24/7 Problem Resolution Support
you can be continuously connected with Raqmeyat for any support needs, selecting the level of help when you need it with 24/7 support for all Microsoft server products, Windows
Cold Backups for Disaster Recovery
Customers with Software Assurance for Microsoft server software, as well as related Client Access Licenses, are eligible for complimentary “cold backup” server licenses for disaster recovery.

Microsoft Customer Agreement

Microsoft Customer Agreement is a non-expiring contract through which small and mid businesses can buy Azure services. With Microsoft Customer Agreement, you pay monthly, so you pay for what you need when you need it.

Through Microsoft Customer Agreement, you can benefit from more free enterprise-grade management tools such as new invoice and cost management capabilities.

The Microsoft Customer Agreement delivers

A fully digital agreement

Non-expiring contract

Automatic updates to your agreement as you add products

Management of you’re Azure purchases through a single, unified portal

Microsoft Open Program

Open program is a licensing program for small and midsize organizations to purchase software licenses. It’s suitable for organizations that need at least five desktop PCs to respond to the latest Microsoft technologies.

With features such as a customizable platform and volume discounts for minimal up-front purchases, Open programs give you value and flexibility in a convenient Microsoft Volume Licensing program.

How Microsoft Open Program Can Help You

You just need to place the order and you’ll immediately receive a single authorization identification number to start using the licensed products.

you can scale up and down your licenses according to what your business needs as you pay for what you need only when you need it.

Under a single platform, you can choose components from the Windows client, Microsoft Office, and Client Access Licenses (CALs). And for enterprise solutions, the latest version of Microsoft Office Professional Plus, Office 365 E plans, Enterprise CAL, and Windows E3 are available.

As software assurance is available in the open program, you can get 24/7 support, deployment planning services technical training, and cold backups for disaster recovery.

You can use online tracking tools such as Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) where you view licensing information, receive order confirmations, download Microsoft licensed software, and manage Software Assurance benefits and subscriptions.

Microsoft Open Value and Open Value Subscription offer the ability to add online services subscriptions to your agreement to transition to the cloud at your own pace through your existing agreement.

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