As an Odoo Partner and IT solutions company, Raqmeyat helps you achieve your business goals with integrated ERP modules

ERP Core Benefits

Core Benefits of ERP as a Centralized Data Storage System

Odoo ERP reducing IT costs and multiple systems usage
Cost Reduction
Training on Multiple Systems
IT departments such as multiple software licenses and support fees
Odoo ERP keeping data secure and accurate
Enhanced Regulatory Compliance
Secure and validated data
Perfect Data Accuracy
Odoo ERP improving business and helping it grow
Business Process improvements
Manual Tasks Automation More Efficiency & Data Accuracy
Efficiency & Data Accuracy
Odoo ERP continuously updating data across business departments
Data Handling
Real-Time Reporting
Automatic Update of Data

As an Odoo Partner, Raqmeyat Provides all Odoo modules

Sales Management

Get effective management of sales processes with real-time information, forecasting reports, and integration with other departments such as finance.

Project Management

Plan and monitor any number of projects on project management module customized for every project. Get fully integrated project process from plan creation and Etherpad integration to Kanban view and graph charts customization.

Inventory & Manufacturing

Manage your production processes with integrated modules, moving smoothly in the production cycle.


Calculate accurately your direct & indirect expenses and link sales orders to bills customized to your industry nature.

Human Resources

Assure efficient hiring processes specifying the skills needed for each job description, monitor the employee onboarding training and record employee performances.


Practice various marketing activities with only one system and one-time payment, integrating your CRM with the Marketing module to facilitate and automate marketing activities.

Discover raqmeyat's services

Raqmeyat Customizing Odoo ERP modules according to business needs and industry policies
Raqmeyat Implementing and configuring all Odoo ERP system
Raqmeyat integrating Odoo system with the General Authority for Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority​ (ZATCA)
ZATCA Integration
Raqmeyat helping clients to generate electronic invoices via Odoo ERP system
E-invoicing Generation
Raqmeyat team integrating Odoo ERP modules together to get best results
Integration between Modules
Raqmeyat trains client's employees on how to use ERP modules
Raqmeyat providing service level agreement and technical support on Odoo modules if needed
SLA Support

Odoo’s Value Proposition

Open source: you’re free to choose what your business needs and customize it according to your business policy.

Cost-effective: with the ability to scale to Odoo ERP, you pay for extra solutions only when needed.

Wide range of businesses: In addition to enterprises, Odoo provides medium and small companies with prices suitable for them.

Odoo is globally and quickly expanding all over the world as an ERP brand
Raqmeyat works as your reliable partner and source of continuous support
Raqmeyat’s Value Proposition

Experts that understand the tips and tricks of your specific industry.

Consultation and implementation of suitable and applicable solutions according to your business needs.

As an IT solutions company, Raqmeyat provides Odoo on a private cloud, complying with KSA data storage regulations.


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