Get Saudi Cloud and comply with saudi data localization laws

With Huawei's 100% Saudi Cloud Environment, ensure compliance, security and low cost

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What can you get with Huawei Saudi Cloud solutions?

Computing local Cloud Services

Explore an Array of Services Engineered for Peak Performance and Constant Innovation

Elastic Cloud Server

Bare Metal Server

Auto Scaling

Dedicated Host

Cloud Phone Host

Image Management Service

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Storage local Cloud Service

Dive into a World of Cutting-edge Storage Services, Tailored for Secure, Scalable, and Efficient Data Solutions

Object Storage Service

Elastic Volume Service

Cloud Backup and Recovery

Storage Disaster Recovery Service

Scalable File Service

Volume Backup Service

Cloud Server Backup Service

Data Express Service

Dedicated Distributed Storage Service

Networking local cloud services

Discover a Range of Innovative Networking Services for Optimal Performance

Virtual Private Cloud

Elastic Load Balance

NAT Gateway

Direct Connect

Virtual Private Network

VPC Endpoint

Database local cloud services

Unveil a Spectrum of Advanced Database Services for Enhanced Efficiency and Strategic Insights

Relational Database Service

Document Database Service

Data Admin Service

Data Replication Service

Distributed Database Middleware

Database and Application Migration UGO

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