Saudi Cloud - Data Localization

Tadween is one of Raqmeyat clients that got Saudi Cloud solutions

From public cloud to local hosting, how we helped Tadween to comply with Saudi data localization

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About Tadween

Tadween app is a system for managing sales, collection and electronic invoicing and linking them with accounting and inventory systems.


  1. Hosting Tadween application
  2. Avoiding the costly physical servers


Saudi SAMA regulations for cybersecurity prevents companies that manage clients’ sensitive data such as financial data from using public cloud.

So, Tadween application should be hosted inside Saudi Arabia not on public cloud.


After analyzing Tadween’s capabilities and needs. We suggested to host the application on local data center of virtual servers with the required network resources such as:

  1. Providing F5 firewall licenses
  2. Implementation and configuration F5 firewall Virtual
  3. Configuration WAF policy
  4. Connectivity test
  5. Devices registration

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