Microsoft Consulting Services

Assess, evaluate and deploy Microsoft Solutions with Raqmeyat

Raqmeyat provides consulting services that help customers determine and deploy Microsoft solutions suitable for their business needs and capabilities

There are different ways in which Raqmeyat can provide Microsoft consulting services for your business

Raqmeyat checks and assesses the customer’s business environment

Before determining and deploying Microsoft solutions, Raqmeyat can assess the customer’s business environment to determine the applicability of the solutions and identify the cost and timeline of implementation.

Raqmeyat provides explains demos and analytics

Believing in customers’ right to know all about the product or service to properly choose what suits their business needs and capabilities, Raqmeyat provides a framework, demos, and case studies.

Raqmeyat implements a limited scope of work from the project
Proof of concept

To ensure a solution meets the customer’s requirements, Raqmeyat implements a limited scope of work from the project to avoid any pre-implementation problems as much possible as we can.

Raqmeyat provides briefings, analytics and assessments

Workshops are another form of consultation that Raqmeyat provides according to what customer needs. They can be for training, briefings, assessments, or demos built on the customer’s data or environment.

Raqmeyat implements Microsoft solutions

Raqmeyat’s technical team implements all Microsoft solutions that meet IT requirements and business goals.


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