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Raqmeyat helps you facilitate day-to-day tasks with Microsoft Exchange Services to allow your staff to focus on high-value tasks 

Microsoft Exchange Server is a mail server from Microsoft that runs on Windows Server operating systems to perform as an email, calendaring, contact, scheduling, and collaboration platform

Some of what Microsoft Exchange offers?

Shared Calendar: Shared calendars allow your team to be aware of open times for each other to set meetings at the proper time. When recipients accept the meeting, it’s added automatically to their calendar.

Security Features: Microsoft Exchange provides you with multiple security features such as multi-layered anti-spam filtering that protects you against breaching threats and multiple anti-malware engines that protect mailboxes’ data against viruses.

Shared Task Management: You can create a task list in which you assign tasks and Microsoft Exchange will automatically send task notifications and reminders. Task progress is also defined to be active, complete, or overdue to make task tracking easier for managers.

Mailboxes: send or receive as many emails as you wish with no need to free up space now and then, as Microsoft Exchange mailboxes store all your emails, items, and folders with its large storage capacity.

Raqmeyat provides Microsoft Exchange services

How Raqmeyat Can Add Value To Your Business With Microsoft Exchange? ​

Raqmeyat's technical experts building data center infrastructure
Security Compliance
With Exchange’s security features, you can comply with all your country’s security regulations whatever the nature of your industry is.
Business data stored on the cloud or servers is backed up by Data Protection Manager (DPM)
Data Backup
Microsoft Exchange provides a centralized hub to back up all mailboxes and shared folders
Raqmeyat supplying and managing data center servers to KSA companies
Work Collaboration
Exchange’s shared elements such as calendars, mailboxes, and task lists enhance collaboration between employees by exchanging information easily, efficiently, and securely.
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Non-stop processes
through ActiveSync, Microsoft Exchange allows users to access emails, calendars, contacts, and tasks from anywhere via their mobile devices.

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