Microsoft Security Services

Protect all Your cloud-based or on-premise environment against cybersecurity risks with Microsoft security services

Raqmeyat fulfills the needs of various security needs according to the problems and capabilities of each business through a wide range of Microsoft security solutions accompanied by our professional and managed services if needed

Information Protection

Microsoft Information Protection services help you protect your data with unified, intelligent, and customizable capabilities

How can you benefit from Information Protection and governance services?

Identify easily and quickly your sensitive data across Microsoft apps and on-premises.
Classify your sensitive information based on what the item is not with pattern matching.

Identify labeled sensitive data that were discovered and added by users with activity explorer.

Receive alerts and deep investigation when sensitive data is used in one single place like the alerts dashboard.
Warn users when they try to share any sensitive item improperly.
Block sharing sensitive items
Lock sensitive items or even move them automatically to other locations against any breach trial.
Keep any sensitive information in Teams chats hidden.

Risk Management

With Risk Management services, Raqmeyat helps you identify, investigate, and respond to any intentional and unintentional activities endangering your data and your whole business.
Discover Some Risk Management Capabilities

Define specific policies to identify any risk activities and quickly take the action to mitigate them.

Identify potential areas of higher user risk to determine any additional risk management policies you need to configure.

Monitor visually user activities and actions with native signals

In the case of legal investigation for an employee, identify and preserve easily data that he/she has administrative control over.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions are designed to provide seamlessly secure access to all your applications, services and resources across on-premise and cloud environments.

Discover how Azure Active Directory supports your business security as one of the most important solutions for identity and access management.

Save time wasted on requesting help desk for resetting employees’ passwords, Azure Active Directory Self-Service Password Reset helps employees their own passwords without help desk support.

clients can plan, manage and monitor any number of projects on project management

Save licensing fees for various solutions for on-premise and cloud environments and use Azure Active Directory as one single solution to manage identity and access for all your applications.

Facilitate employees’ signing into the various applications used throughout the day with Azure AD’s Single Sign-on (SSO) to access easily Microsoft apps, SaaS apps, and on-premise apps.

Protect your data from breach through Azure AD’s multifactor authentication to allow only the authorized users to access.

Ensure secure access to your apps through Azure AD Conditional Access policies that apply real-time security measures such as blocking an access request or requiring a password reset against any risky access trial.

Double the benefits of Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph with Azure AD to discover, investigate, and evaluate any atypical behavior across all services and products.

Cloud Security

Raqmeyat provides Microsoft Cloud Security services that help you ensure secure cloud, hybrid, and on-premise services and resources.

Some of Raqmeyat’s cloud security solutions


Microsoft Defender for Cloud

From cloud to on-premise, Discover how Microsoft Defender Cloud supports your business security

Get analyzed data for security issues and your level of security compliance with Cloud security posture management that also tells you how to improve your business security.

Avoid continuously evolving threats through Microsoft Threat Intelligence as analyzed data that helps in understanding a threat actor’s motives, targets, and attack behaviors.

Identify any vulnerabilities across your Azure SQL and Storage services and get recommendations to reduce them.

Protect your virtual machines from malicious attacks through Defender for Cloud’s just-in-time VM access to provide access for a limited amount of time.

Gain Microsoft Defender for Cloud benefits for your on-premise environment too such as Vulnerability assessment tools for machines and Just-in-time (JIT) virtual machine (VM) access.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

No matter how many cloud apps you use! Manage over 26,000 cloud apps and assess security compliance and risk levels for them all.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

Get visual multifunction analysis and reporting to improve the security compliance of your business.

Protect your sensitive information at rest and in transit through automated allocation for real-time controls across all cloud apps.

Identify any unusual behavior through a real-time traffic log analysis and monitor the unsanctioned apps being used.

Investigate your organization's overall cybersecurity strength and identify security configuration gaps with provided recommendations for needed security configurations.

Investigate Microsoft 365 compliance through app governance that monitors app behaviors, identifying any risks and responding against them.

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