Veeam Backup

Backup, restore, and secure your data with Veeam Licenses for all cloud and on-premise environments

The purpose of backup is to create a copy of data that can be recovered after a primary data failure

Such primary data failures can result from hardware or software incidents such as data corruption, a human-caused event, a malicious attack (virus or malware), and accidental deletion of data

You have to change your current way of dealing with data

No Regular Backup

Your employees don't remember to take backup regularly, and when they get reminded, they skip the reminders for "more important" task as they believe

No Secure Backup

Backup is always in danger of cyber-security threats that are constantly developing. However, many companies discard this fact

No Backup Testing

Sometimes you take backup and when you need it and recover data, you find the storage empty

How to solve this?

Discover Veeam Backup Licenses and choose the suitable ones

Virtual Machines being created, managed, and controlled by Virtual Machine Manager

Veeam Universal License(VUL)

VUL is Veeam annual subscription license that protects your infrastructure. It’s applicable for any type of workload such as Virtual machines, Physical servers and workstations, Cloud-native workloads, Enterprise applications, and Veeam Explorers™

How can this help you?

Veeam doesn’t limit you to proprietary storage. So, use the license with the type of storage suitable for you. There are neither limitations nor additional fees.

One single type of license covers all workloads! Protect cloud, physical, and virtual environments with VUL as you can move licenses across all environments you have.

You can see all licenses of different environments in one place to manage all of them easily.

No cloud taxes! Pay for cloud backup the same as on-premises with any additional fees.

You don’t even have to pay any additional fees when changing the environment.

Veeam Disaster Recovery Orchestrator

Automate disaster recovery and ensure data safety and business continuity from cyber threats

specific tasks automatically run when a specific incident is reported to solve any problem

Ensure that you can restore your data and applications after any critical IT failure

IT Reports and analytics being provided by Microsoft System Center Service Manager for consistent insights

Conduct DR tests without any impact on IT operations and systems

Employees request services and get them done automatically

Avoid RPO and RTO with scheduled automated DR tests


Microsoft 365 backup

Eliminate the risk of losing access and control over your Microsoft 365 apps with Veeam's full backup and protection over data

How can Microsoft 365 Backup help you?

With the lowest RPO, you can back up all Microsoft 365 applications from SharePoint online and Exchange to Teams

Not only backup! Veeam secures your Microsoft 365 apps data.

For Microsoft Teams, Veeam uses its APIs to provide a backup for specific data you need to have full control and protection over


  • You are free to back up Microsoft 365 data on any type of environment suitable for your company, cloud or on-premises

If you are an enterprise, you scale up Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 to support all deployments of the company

Veeam Availability Suite
(All-in-one solution)

protect data against potential problems before any operational impact

Backup and restore your data in mixed technology environments and monitor the whole lifecycle of backup

1. Veeam Backup & Replication

It is agentless software to back up, restore and replicate data of virtual machines

How can it help you?
Saving Cost

As it is agentless, it saves the management from the hassle of purchasing many components to run the backup

No limited scalability

When the company needs to expand its network, it will not have to purchase more components

Centralised Management

With network-wide view of backup, you
can manage all virtual machines from a single point

Individual-level Protection

It can protect individual files and applications such as Exchange and SharePoint

2. Veeam One

Integrated with your entire IT environment, Veeam One monitors and protects virtual and Veeam-protected cloud and physical workloads

How can Veeam One Support your company?

Veeam doesn’t forget security! Get alerts about any security vulnerabilities and threats during monitoring the lifecycle of a backup


Get alerted of any potential threats before damaging anything

Change tracking

Be notified of any change in your backup
and virtual infrastructure such as altering configurations or adding new projects


Set automated, self-healing fixes for common backup and infrastructure-related problems

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