The National Anti-Corruption Commission
NAZAHA is one of the governmental agencies that Raqmeyat gladly serves in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

3-Year Service Level Agreement

Support Process:

·         3-year Service Level Agreement

·         24/7 Support

·         ITIL/ITSM based best practices and processes


Team Support:

·         Certified & Trained team

·         Technology experts

·         Cross training

·         Onsite & Offsite


Company Information

  • The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NAZAHA) is a Saudi governmental anti-corruption agency.
  • Company size: 1,000 – 3,000 employees


NAZAHA needs a reliable and experienced IT solutions partner that it can depend on in case of any software incident before causing any damage.


During The Three Years, We Are Committed To Providing A 3-Year Service Level Agreement Including: ​

  1. Manned telephone support
  2. Quarterly system health check
  3. Monitored email support
  4. Remote assistance:

a) Managed Servers Support

b) Managed Exchange

c) Managed Storage

d) Managed backup

e) Managed SQL

f) Azure Infrastructure Management

g) IT Service Management (ITSM)

h) Resource Augmentation

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